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Introducing Oculow, an AI to optimize visual regression

Greetings everyone! This is a introduction to Oculow, a startup with hopes of achieving great advances in the use of A.I and software Q.A. We are currently 3 enthusiastic developers looking to generate a impact on the software development community by using A.I to create leading edge software QA tools. Any feedback you have for... Continue Reading →

Handlebars vs Pug (Jade)

A template engine allows you to use static template files in your project or application, then replaces variables/instances declared in a template file with actual values at run-time. For example, a common use is templating elements like headers and footers. Today, we bring you 2 template engines you must try. Pug (also known as Jade)... Continue Reading →

How To Get Started With Software Testing

“To be an effective tester, you must be communicative, efficient, and patient.If you’re an app developer and you’re looking to learn how to test your own app, you’re taking a great step forward.In fact, 87% of app developers have found that their app’s performance had a significant effect on their ratings. If you’re looking to start testing,... Continue Reading →

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