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How To Get Started With Software Testing

“To be an effective tester, you must be communicative, efficient, and patient.

If you’re an app developer and you’re looking to learn how to test your own app, you’re taking a great step forward.

In fact, 87% of app developers have found that their app’s performance had a significant effect on their ratings. If you’re looking to start testing, then your goal is to increase your app’s overall performance, which will increase your app store rating.”

If you’re getting started with software testing, these are the five essentials:

test strategy

Test strategy

A test strategy can be a dynamic or static document (static- meaning that it is not updated too often) normally developed by project managers. This document defines software testing approaches to achieve testing objectives.

What should a Test Strategy document include?

Scope and Overview

Includes testing activities and phases which need to be carried out, the overall project timeline as defined in the test plan, as well as information on who the document is for.

The Test Approach

In this section, the testing process, level of testing to be carried out on the product, and the roles and responsibilities of each team member are mentioned. It also elaborates every test type defined in the Test Plan (unit, integration, system, regression, smoke, usability, performance, etc) as well as consideration of why the particular testing type should be employed, who will perform this testing activity, what will be the responsibilities of the tester, and details of any automation strategy and tools if applicable.

Test Environment

A testing environment is a setup of software and hardware for the testing teams to execute test cases. NOTE: Setting up a right test environment ensures software testing success. Any flaws in this process may lead to extra cost and time to the client.

Testing Tools

This usually outlines the test management and automation tools required for test execution. In order to carry out performance, load and security testing, the organization needs to list all tools and approaches needed.

Risk Analysis

A detailed plan to alleviate those risks is provided to help reduce the possibility of failure at any point.
You can read more information regarding this topic in the link below:

Review and Approval

When all the things have been described in detail it’s time to review, then approve the Test Strategy document.


Test Strategy document is an important document for QA activities. A team member should refer to this document from time to time during the execution of the testing process and keep themselves aligned with it until the product is pushed into production.

test strategy

Testing Plan

Common questions

1- What needs to be tested?

2- How testing will be performed?

3- What is required?

4- What should be assigned?

5- How much time required?

6- Are there any risks?

All those questions are answered in short as:

“A Test Plan defines the scope, approach, resources, responsabilities, effort estimation, and risk management for a project.”

test strategy

Test Cases

They are prepared as you are writing the program itself. Every feature or step in your application should have an expected result.
For example, if I sign in into my account it should be expected that I land on the home page every time.
To run this test, you will input that information as a test case and if it ever comes to a point where that expected result does not happen, then you will have a FAILED test case.

Test cases are designated on a PASS/FAIL requirement

Prioritize test case setups based on what you find is the most valuable part of your application. If you are testing for a client, talk with them to see which area they find the valuable.

test strategy

Test Data

In your tests, you will be creating, updating, and deleting data. The fact is that you don’t want to to delete or update real data from real users, so it’s important to have a set of test data that can be altered to make sure each one of your functions are working fine.

For more information:

Test Environment

As important as testing itself is the environment you test in.

Applications are likely to be multi-platform. It’s important to test it on all the possible devices and web navigators (this includes screen sizes of all types).

So, what is Test Environment?

It is a platform.

Specifically build for implementing and executing the test cases on the software product. The environment for testing is created by integrating the required hardware and software along with proper network configuration and necessary settings.

It plays a key role in achieving a success in the testing. It provides all the pre-requisites that are required to perform the task of testing on a particular software product. These pre-requisites may contain operating system, servers, users PCs, memory, storage, etc.

“Software testing is a growing field”

As apps continue to eat the world, software testing will grow with it making sure each application is working adequately.

In your time as a tester, you will run into difficulties such as undocumented requirements or a lack of organization. With these essentials in mind you will be able to approach your testing with clear focus. Don’t give up!.



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